Tuesday, 21 November 2017

John Ov3rblast Fantasia of the Unconscious LP, from SpacealOrbeats
01 January 2018. 
A soundtrack release with hidden notes of ambient, spatial dub tech and glitchy deep techno.
The release, will include a 60 minutes video, for this reason I would like from all of you to send me any kind of personal video shots from any landscape/cityscape, you are inspired from your daily routine and I will edited in this project. Send any link at ov3rblast@gmail.com or use my inbox.
Your name will be added in the titles of the video, be part of this project and share anything that grabs your attention.
The beat goes on_

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

1st November Vegan World Day :
Four years plant based nutrition personally, is the most important decision that i have made for myself, the future of this world the next generations and our mother Earth, we are saving lives, the whole world sooner or later will turn page and the cannibalistic rituals will be replaced from the naturalistic approach, free of cruelty, completely independent from the economical systems, through social suburban farming associations, big shout for all you out there, we are changing the world. Peace love and unity.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

▶︎ cd1_01_John Ov3rblast _ Atmosphera | ODrex Music

▶︎ cd1_01_John Ov3rblast _ Atmosphera | ODrex Music
we live in a private world we work in private companies we borrow money from private banks we pay taxes in private governments we watch films or reading the daily ''news'' from private channels we buying products from private companies we wear clothing from private companies we spend cash that is printed from private companies we invest time of our lives to buy private properties we own one way or another private pleasures we enjoying living in our rented or owned private flats, rooms. we contribute our works into the private market we are believing what the scientists say while they get paid from private lobbies. we vote private parties with private policies we are communicating through private social media companies we listen music from private labels, private companies, with private interests. we are not free in a private world where everything has a price and its for sale, you and me, your children, your future my future, our dreams, everything is privatised. What's left for us, we sink in our privacy, alone or with someone else, all alone, in private _

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Eclectic artist, producer and music label owner John Ov3rblast is on a mission to deliver Deep Soundscapes For The Mind And The Soul. As the Founder & Owner of SpacealOrbeats, John has been inspired since he was a kid, absorbing his dad’s passion for the likes of Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Today, Ov3rblast’s personal soundscape template offers a mesh of ambient cinematic, twisted tech, deep dubby and spacey atmosphere. http://www.soundcloud.com/ov3rblast http://twitter.com/JohnOv3rblast http://www.mixcloud.com/ov3rblast/ https://www.facebook.com/ov3rblast https://ov3rblast-inorbit.blogspot.co.uk/ https://www.instagram.com/ov3rblast/ Discography LPs and EPs 2017 Mein Garten EP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] Gaudi EP [Run on Recordings] Aesthetics EP [Mistique Music] Sounds of the Universe LP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] Dentro EP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] 2016 Oscilations LP [Ultraphonic UK] Microcosmos EP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] The Spacing of Spheres EP [Sub Label Recordings White Edition] Event Horizon EP [Null A] The Unfoldment EP [Cerebral Audio] 2015 Cosmosis LP [Ultraphonic UK] Beings of Thought EP (Feat. Andrea Krux) [Spaceal Orbeats Records] Ionosphere EP [Suck House Lovers] 2014 Divine Echoes EP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] Elements EP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] 2013 The Secret Language of Angels LP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] Stories from the Fog EP [Kopoc Label] The Prophecy EP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] The Frequency of Love EP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] Raflessia EP [Petroglyph Netlabel] Yours Faithfully EP [Monokrak Netlabel] 2012 Tetraktys LP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] Post Human EP [BlacklighT Sessions] The Sound of your Soul EP [Progeletech] New Earth LP [Monokrak Netlabel ] Subterranean EP [Lovezone Records] 9 Lives LP [Spaceal Orbeats Records] 2011 Stargazer LP [Deep in Dub Netlabel] Space Travellers EP [Tactical Nuke] Magma EP [Moonchild Records] 2010 Lissandros EP [Mac Trax Netlabel]