Wednesday, 2 January 2013

John Ov3rblast - The Prophecy | Spaceal Orbeats Records

John Ov3rblast - The Prophecy | Spaceal Orbeats Records
The Prophecy is upon us,as i promised my new release is for free download just for today ,The Prophecy LP,200 free downloads ,for anyone that supported me the last year,this is my best wish for all of you.Make it loud make it deep ,share your love all around you and lets make this world a heartbeat..

John Ov3rblast strikes back again .The Prophecy LP is ready to explore your innerside . Prepare for the deepest journey from the Greek producer,huge pad lines ,wide spectrum of colors,organic atmospheres.The Prophecy is a new life ,sound becomes the eternal source that connects everything with everyone everywhere.The cosmic vide of the unconsciousness,the liquid meaning of each moment,that speaks for the past the present time and the future.Sound holds the key to unlock the hidden rooms of your self,where nobody has ever seen ..John speaks for its self but in the same time he tries to connect the lost parts from a symbantic pazzle .The personal prophecies are the hidden meanings of the life ,the symbolism of the repeating beats the eternal heartbeat of this planet and the universal love that lights in every soul.
Ambiental soundscapes floating vocals ,sacred feeling ,each track has a unique aura ,air ,wind,fire,light,darkness one in the shade of the sound.
Thoughts dreams words that only with sounds can describe..the journey ,the mission.Just put the volume on open your mind free your self and experience the Prophecy .

Much love and respect to my soulmate Christina ,to my mendor Lisandros, my new life in Manchester,the endless skies ,everything for inside outside and from above,keep it unreal ,keep the fire burning,we are the light workers of this world.
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