Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mahayana [Spaceal Orbeats Records] :: Beatport

Mahayana [Spaceal Orbeats Records] :: Beatport
RELEASE DATE 2013-04-30
LABELS Spaceal Orbeats Records
Brand new release from the talented producer from Spain. Loptus comes in with his first release from the label, with a analogue ambient anthem.Mahayana is a unique journey , a soundtrack created exclusive only with hard ware equipement .The sounds have a warmer colour,you can feel the deep thoughtful atmosphere in all the arrangments .Loptus open's several hidden paths into our soul.With the extend mix of Kronos track he explains in his way how organic ambient should be sound like.Enormous pads,waving details,huge basslines from his depth of his soul.You have only to close your eyes let you self go and relax,let the rest to Loptus .He is the analogue story teller ,found your self lost in there.
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