Friday, 28 June 2013

John Ov3rblast - Floating Science

Sonus Podcast - John Ov3rblast - Dbs Netlabel

Sonus Podcast is a live project exclusive with personal soundscapes/atmo/loops. 
Live recorded session/100 minutes/Straight and forward/18 channels/84 soundclips/ 
2 midi controllers/1 midi synth/ 
Free for download from the Dbs Netlabel ,1st of April 2013. 
Released by: dbsnetlabel 
Release/catalogue number: 021 
Release date: Apr 1, 2013

John Ov3rblast - Morning Glory

John Ov3rblast - The Secret Language of Angels LP

John Ov3rblast - The Secret Language of Angels LP

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Secret Language of Angels LP/ in all major stores

Next release comes from John Ov3rblast.His brand new release once more is embracing the electronic music as he knows, how to keep our heads up to the endless skies.A 12 track journey,straight from his new basement in Manchester,ready to take you to a new level of sound.His personal zone can't described easily .Huge floating padlines,space atmospheres,drones made from heaven,the soundtrack for your rave .His best work so far after more than 4 years in producing,releasing, trying to explain with sounds what he has inside of his soul.Music once more becomes experience ,destination, an endless journey .More than 2 hours of deep organic techno experiments ,more sophisticated and more club friendly this time.Trance elements all over this magnificent release.I ll use some phrases from him. .He says that music is his personal pray for the future and he is replacing words with sounds.No need to say more .John Ov3rblast is in the house,once more with his widest release,an electronic emotional poetry. Alive and breathing.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Origins of EDM: Better Living Through Circuitry

Captures the people and the music that shaped the underground sub-culture around electronica in America. - This documentary film is about the history of the U. S. rave scene which includes a fantastic soundtrack! Both t he film and soundtrack capture the people and the music tha t shaped the underground sub-culture around electronic musi c in America. Featured soundtrack artists include: Moby, Ke oki, The Crystal Method, DJ Spooky, Roni Size, Psychic TV and a host of others!

Monday, 24 June 2013

A thought

There are two kinds of music artists .The first one,counts views,plays,shares,likes,releases,followers,etc etc and the second and most genius ,he is alive and breathing to live the experience of creating new sounds and visions for the present and the future of human civilisation.End of the story.

Inner City - Good Life 1988 / Remix in progress/ the hymn of 90s / a dream come true/

Am.Light - Sketch ( John Ov3rblast Remix)

Remaster / Re-edit / 14 August in all major stores / with Kogyo/Advanced Dreams / Am.Light /In Shapes LP/

The Secret Language of Angels - John Ov3rblast

From Spaceal Orbeats /Cover photo from Peter Solf /Pre order available

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Brand new release from my personal label Spaceal Orbeats Records 
Mr Experimentalfeelings [SPO038] ,fantastic work from Toni .

Next release comes from Spain and our top producer Experimental Feelings.His brand new release Alone with you ,reflects once more his high sound quality and the fact that you don't need to have a big name to produce masterpieces.His personal signature in each of these tracks reminds to us that he can't go wrong .He knows exactly what to pull out of his sound territory and to share it with the audience . A pure floorfiller ,a release that definitely will make you wanna move in his tribal, tech housey,progressive tech genre.The original track 'Alone with You'' is already an anthem,huge pads,the vocal sounds so spacey,the structures of synthlines all around you,brings the joy,the mistique vibe,his personal view of the future.Experimental Feelings with one more top release heading for more..Pump the volume and let your self go.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Secret Language of Angels LP / Live performance / Leeds / UK

Label Spaceal Orbeats Records
Genre Deep tech / Spacedrone /Electronica 
Cover Photo : Peter Solf
Produced and mastered by John Ov3rblast.
2 August Friday / Leeds / Uk
live performance 90 ’ /broadcasting live and direct from the Mixlr/ 
Transmission Festival /

New sound clip