Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Secret Language of Angels LP/ in all major stores

Next release comes from John Ov3rblast.His brand new release once more is embracing the electronic music as he knows, how to keep our heads up to the endless skies.A 12 track journey,straight from his new basement in Manchester,ready to take you to a new level of sound.His personal zone can't described easily .Huge floating padlines,space atmospheres,drones made from heaven,the soundtrack for your rave .His best work so far after more than 4 years in producing,releasing, trying to explain with sounds what he has inside of his soul.Music once more becomes experience ,destination, an endless journey .More than 2 hours of deep organic techno experiments ,more sophisticated and more club friendly this time.Trance elements all over this magnificent release.I ll use some phrases from him. .He says that music is his personal pray for the future and he is replacing words with sounds.No need to say more .John Ov3rblast is in the house,once more with his widest release,an electronic emotional poetry. Alive and breathing.

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