Saturday, 12 October 2013

Alexander Saykov - Cold Front / EP / Remixes John Ov3rblast / If I Had A Hi Fi / Bjorn Rohde / Discknocked /

Alexander Saykov and his Cold Front EP is our next free download huge
release .
The Russian artist shares his innerside thoughts free for all of you out there.
Deep organic warm ,thoughtful atmospheres .Absolutely unique. This is ambient dub techno at its finest .
The first track gently starts and through the album somehow the energy level is raised steadily until the last track from John Ov3rblast with his
outstanding outro.

The rework from Bjorn Rohde It forms a snowy, crystalline texture that takes the forefront in the sonic space, while resonant melodies, stripped of their higher frequencies, chime repeatedly in the background.

Discknocked remix with a smooth baseline gradually fades in to fill out the space, as dub chords begin to enter around the stereo field with a subtle distorted crunchiness. Hi-hats hop on board to raise the energy level of the track.

If I Had A Hi fi remix it begins with resonating, questionably organic strings whimpering over each other, continually building. And then comes the familiar kick-and-bass percussion present throughout the album comes in, topped by another hi-hat. The track gradually transforms into a unknown soundscape, a mix of a thousand emotions all trapped up in a small container and being rapidly shaken, and then finally spilled out onto the floor .

John Ov3rblast remix is a warm organic , rocky breaky dub groove that slowly marches on with a sense of dignity, kept warm by a thick battle-chant baseline.
Some of the percussion appears to be built out of more organic, potentially field recording based samples. These fill out the track nicely, and give it sort of a “wet” sound that readily calls to mind images of melting snow.

Alexander has produced a melancholic , multi lever ,a journey that you can't resist , prepare yourselves for the long morning rituals ,the walk in the parks or even your dream lands .

Cold Front EP is your soundtrack.


released 12 October 2013


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