Wednesday, 9 October 2013

INCIRCLE - Private Heart by Spaceal Orbeats Records

Next release comes from the upoming duo from
Indonesia INCIRCLE. Prepare your self for a deep
emotional journey through their creativity. Along side
with the etherial vocalist Renita they have shared an
anthem . Private Heart reflects the romantic feeling
of 80s plus the electronic touch of 90s . They have
blend perfectly several elements from electronic pop
and deep tech genre,from trip hop to ambientronica.
Natural born artists ,the vocals from Adrian reminds us
how deep and soulful music can be ,Renita
is sending waves of happiness from a paralel world.
On the other side Hendika the other member from the
group seems that is trying to rediscover new frontiers
between electronic music and classic music .The
brilliant release closes with a deep dub tech remix from
the well known German producer Martin Nonstatic ,fabulous
movements in an organic choreography .At last John
Ov3rblast delivers his personal soundscape ,floating
vocals ,etherial padlines he knows exactly how to
uplift into his dimension each track with a very unique way..
INCIRCLE with this first release they have just raised the
bar …electronic music has a future and is already here.
You can listen it .



In the year of 2004, Adrian made this electronic music project only for hobbies called INCIRCLE, nothing serious about INCIRCLE joining the music industry back in the day, INCIRCLE never stop making music..its all because the way it talks with music..INCIRCLE doesnt have any limitation to explore their that way somehow INCIRCLE have their own soul in their musics..its alive.
There are many great musician who inspired INCIRCLE...such as brian eno, telefon tel aviv, apparat, moderat, sigur ros, olafur arnalds, bjork, jon hopkins, hans zimmer, craig armstrong, etc...even some real stories from INCIRCLE's real life or other peoples life.

Years after years have been passed until this 2013, adrian decide to take INCIRCLE into another big step, he think that INCIRCLE deserve more than before, so he decide to call Deefo his friend to join INCIRCLE. Basically Deefo is a great DJ in indonesia he's an award winning DJ such as: Juice DJ Quest 2008, Best Rookie of the Year Paranoia Award 2008, 1st Winner Wayang In Symphony Remix Competition, etc... Why adrian asked Deefo to join INCIRCLE? Its all because INCIRCLE need some fresh and new touch from another musician style, and for a bonus, as a great DJ..Deefo allready knows how to give the dynamic vibes for the crowds...INCIRCLE need it.

Finally..the new INCIRCLE has been made, from now..INCIRCLE insiders are Adrian and Deefo..we have this big faith with INCIRCLE's music..we hope we can take our music and perform live around the globes..spreading our emotions and shared everything in our soul to many people no matter who they are and from where they are...We all have the same stories to tell..we're related each other..we're brother and sisters..we're family..we're in the same CIRCLE in our lives..thats why we called our self INCIRCLE..and we're glad to have you as a part of our music journey


releases 10 October 2013
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