Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Steve Mac - Studio Tour

Welcome To NeverLand • 2

The second chapter of our journey into Neverland reveals the hidden 
stories , the secret meanings of the sound. 

The eternal power of music 
that can describe with a unique way the depth of the soul , the beauty of 
being alive and breathing in a perfect natural world . 

All artists shared for free their creativity , in a civilization where money and profits have ruined everything . 

Music is priceless. 

The last frontier before the final Event . 

Music unites , because music is the highest ritual for life , the universal language of love . 

Open your mind 
release your soul 
share your light 
all around you. 

Welcome to Neverland 

The journey back to the source . 

Bal& - Neverland 04:31

Lucien Reden - Alone In The Light 08:39

KrAtOS - Titanomachia 08:25

Discknocked - City Asleep 09:29

Kris Dubinsky 07:29

Apobothra - Conifold Transition 10:54

Xitya - Transit 11:13

Χitya - Transit ( John Ov3rblast Elegy Remix ) 07:50

Vytis - Spacedrone 12:57

Alyn Sclosa - Hyperborean 11:51

Warmth - Slow Burn 06:55

Damaged Man - Distant Landscapes 07:36

Discknocked - Ocean 08:07

Substak - Thunderbolt 04:32

Monday, 13 January 2014

First Out of Africa - The totally isolated Tribe of the Andaman (Sky Vis...

Light workers / There are still people in this world who have no idea that civilization exists.

On remote islands in the Bay of Bengal live mysterious tribes. The five-foot high black skinned Andaman islanders are rumoured by sailors to be cannibals. Their origins are mysterious, but this film reveals how modern DNA analysis suggests that these ancient people have close links to Africa, from where they have been separated for 100,000 years