Monday, 14 April 2014

John Ov3rblast - Elements EP

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Next release from John Ov3rblast . Elements EP
a breathtaking atmospheric release , ready to take
you into his spacey dimensions .

His latest work will
definitely will blow up your mind .

His personal genre spacedrone defines his innerside
believes .
The mission , the victory for the light , the sound
of eternity .
When universe reflects everything through
sound , when the only thing that you need is the peace
of your mind , then is time to experience the music ,
the notes , feel the vibrations , become one with
the Universe , air, fire , spirit ,water and our mother
Earth .

Heavy multiple dimensional sonic atmospheres but
in the same
time he hasn't lost his etheric nature .

means ,music for your mind your body and your soul.

Elements release describes perfectly his new life
in Manchester .

Close your eyes and let yourself go into the ritual of
the life of the sound , let John take you where you wanna go.

We are floating in deep space .

Bio .

All started when he experienced the soundscapes of Jean Michel Jarre,Vangelis from the vinyls of his father .
His first release came from the Moonchild Records from Costa Rica and the Mac Trax Netlabel from Ireland on 2010 both .
His personal soundscapes is a mixture of ambient cinematic, twisted tech, deep dubby , spacey atmosphere, trying always to live a new experience through sound .

All ready he has been established for his deep emotional organic sound theory ,he has been released from several Labels from around the globe.

2012 has been his groundbreaking moment when he climbed at the fourth place of Traum's Dominik Eulberg competition @ Beatport ,
which has been released the follow year from the Trapez Ltd.

He believes his on a mission.
Design Unknown Soundscapes,
Researching New Environments.
Sharing his love for life through sound.
Moonchild Records
TriskelTech Recordings
Spaceal Orbeats Records (Owner,A&R)
Insomniafm Records
Ιnsomniafm Abstracts
Insomniafm Digital
Tactical Nuke Records
Housearth Records
Mac Trax Netlabel
Deepindub Netlabel
Kosmo Netlabel
Progelectech Label
Underground Music Records
Mistique Digital /Mistique Music
Balkan Delights
Monokrak Netlabel
Lovezone Records
Blacklight Sessions
Cold Tear Records
Trapez Ltd
KP Recordings
Liberty Rhythm Records
Perfect Session Records
Petroglyph Music Netlabel
Elliptical Sun Recordings
Young Society Records
Dbs Netlabel
Axaminer Netlabel
Green Snake Records
Doppt Zykkler Netlabel
Kopoc Label
Mystic Carousel Records
From his personal label Spaceal Orbeats Records releases several works from the
deeper side of the sound from artists around the world .
Email for contact,bookings,remixes :

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released 14 April 2014
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