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Evolution from sean clarke on Vimeo.

• Evolution 
• Sean Clarke & John Ov3rblast
• Visual Live & Audio Performance.
• More info for the forthcoming live events ( dates & venues) in Manchester,soon. 

Evolution is a live audio/ visual project, which aims to explore the development of life on earth. The narrative of the show will take its audience on a journey through key moments of the evolutionary processes that life on earth as been on over the last 4 billion years. Starting with the birth of the sun, the show will explore how this process enabled the formation of simple cells on earth, and how these simple cells developed the ability to reproduce and transfer DNA which drove the evolutionarily process of life on earth, to the eventual birth of human consciousness and civilisation.

The Evolution project will be split into three chapters. Chapter one, ‘’Genesis’’ will focus on the formation of earth and its atmosphere. Chapter two, ‘’Life forms’’ will explore the evolutionarily process life has taken on earth. Chapter three ‘’Exelixis’’ will focus its attention on the development of human civilisation. Each one of these chapters will be performed and developed as individual live shows , then brought together as an overall performance.

The visual element of the show will take the form of two screens. The first screen will be a soft fabric situated in front of the live performers, and the second will situated behind the both of these elements. The proposes of the front screen will be to focus on showing the biological structure and building blocks of life i.e. the chemical structure of hydrogen fusion the sun goes through to produces energy, which will take the form of scientific diagrams I will turn into motion graphics. The second screen will then focus on showing physical examples of the information being presented on the first screen i.e. the sun. This in essence will form the visual language of the show.

John Ov3rblast will perform the audio element of the live show. The live audio performance will start by creating an ambient soundscape for the show, then as the show progress and the evolutionary process becomes more complex, the live audio will become harder and more complex in its structure.

His personal hybrid sound theory , ‘’deep tech space drone’’ , a mixture of deep emotional organic ambient , plastic glitchy tech kits wrapped with floating etheric vocals and wide pad lines will introduce to you , this live
unique experiment in full effect .

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/EvolutionProjectEarth

Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How Many Earths? | New Scientist

How Many Earths? | New Scientist

Cosmic Goddess Activation Report - Portal 2012

Cosmic Goddess Activation Report - Portal 2012

John Ov3rblast - Divine Echoes EP

Divine Echoes release is our next instalment . John Ov3rblast delivers once more his deep organic techy wide cinematic ambient philosophy . Moving structures , floating etheric details , widescreen soundscapes. We are lost in time and space . Mystical emotions ,delicate electronica sounds , there are no repetitive patterns , everything changes , reflecting the basic rule of our Universe . Underneath you can hear the moving textures , a shape shifting release with several memorable passages . Hypnotic drum loops , hedonistic atmospheres , melted into a choreographic of sounds of hidden meanings . John unites the vibes the frequencies with an extraordinary way , strangely eerie effects , more experimental but in the same time more sophisticated . Divine Echoes and John Ov3rblast with his analogue-aping digital atmospheres , his dystopian rhythms , the sinuous melodies , the representation of space with sounds , delivers the definition of headspace . Expanding your consciousness , this is his mission. 


All started when he experienced the soundscapes of Jean Michel Jarre,Vangelis from the vinyls of his father . 
His first release came from the Moonchild Records from Costa Rica and the Mac Trax Netlabel from Ireland on 2010 both . 
His personal soundscapes is a mixture of ambient cinematic, twisted tech, deep dubby , spacey atmosphere, trying always to live a new experience through sound . 

All ready he has been established for his deep emotional organic sound theory ,he has been released from several Labels from around the globe. 

2012 has been his groundbreaking moment when he climbed at the fourth place of Traum's Dominik Eulberg competition @ Beatport , 
which has been released the follow year from the Trapez Ltd. 

He believes his on a mission. 
Design Unknown Soundscapes, 
Researching New Environments. 
Sharing his love for life through sound. 

Moonchild Records 
Triskel Tech Recordings 
Spaceal Orbeats Records (Owner) 
Insomniafm Records 
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Tactical Nuke Records 
Housearth Records 
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Young Society Records 
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Green Snake Records 
Doppt Zykkler Netlabel 
Kopoc Label 
Mystic Carousel Records 

From his personal label Spaceal Orbeats Records releases several works from the 
deeper side of the sound from artists around the world . 
Email for contact,bookings,remixes : ov3rblast@gmail.com 

Facebook Profile : facebook.com/JohnOv3rblast 
Soundcloud Page : soundcloud.com/ov3rblast 
Google+ : plus.google.com/116533908718360487745/about 
Twitter : twitter.com/JohnOv3rblast 
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Facebook Artist Page : www.facebook.com/ov3rblast 
Blogspot : ov3rblast-inorbit.blogspot.co.uk 

Spaceal Orbeats Records 

Our label releases each month the most underground soundscapes in more than 120 different digital stores around the globe ,from deep tech,dub techno,deep prog and everything that moves in the deeper side of the sound. 
Music is our only destination.Our mission,stay in orbeat 
round planet sound. 


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