Sunday, 30 April 2017

Very true story:
A family with 2 children needs tops 30.000e to survive with rent and again this is an estimation, usual situation in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, here in UK food bank use continues to rise with over one million three-day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis in 2016/17. , in Venezuela humans are dying of hunger same in Somalia, I know forehand that all these facts are connected because WE as a human society we have embraced the stupidity, the ignorance, the ego narcissism images, but when it comes with the music when the majority of artists are unpaid for their releases is another factor how society reflects exactly the apathetic response.
I know for sure many sheeple will come and comment bla bla bla, but reading figures 10.000£ or 35.000 while i haven't got paid for almost the 90% from labels for all the releases, same goes for all artists out there, when you have to pay to book yourself after 8 years of nonstop work day and night and spend more than 5000£ for equip, working your ass off for the minimum wage and not spending a dime for vacations for 5 years on and on, trying to find a way to spread your message and at last have a decent leaving through your music compositions, then yes you will feel sad about the whole fucked up situation, i am sure many many artists are in the same boat. If it's so difficult to spend 1£ for one track from one artist for one month but you willing to pay entrance 30£ for a dj then fuck it we have nothing to discuss.
ps: and you have to give your tracks for free so the they will give feedback while you will never got paid lol let them go buy the tracks themselves .Fair enough.That goes for all the wannabe djs, radio stations etc.
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